Saturday, October 24, 2009

Psalm 34:1-8 Lessons for Life

One of the most challenging aspects of the spiritual life is that the Spirit of the Divine requires a blank canvas (poor soul), on which to paint its perfect portrait. We must approach God with pure humility, laying aside our personal will, in the search for true spiritual understanding. Any troubles we experience are only a reflection of our erroneous beliefs of our separation from God and each other. We experience separation primarily when we become deeply self-centered. When we choose to make ourselves our center, our connection to God fades.

Those who allow the self to diminish (fear God) are blessed with an increase in perception of the Divine (angel of the Lord). It is this spiritual knowledge and guidance that leads us in the path of righteousness. We are given understanding (taste and see). However this is not an intellectual process. It is the full experience of the power and presence of the Divine through which we know that God is within us and in our midst in every situation (good). This is our refuge. Spirit can supply all that we need or want and more. Those who are focused on material things (young lions) always want, but those who are Spirit-led experience no lack.

Those things that we bless and praise are multiplied in our consciousness. The psalmist states that it is right to bless and praise God at all times. When we keep God at our center, we immerse ourselves in the creative energy of the Divine. Spirit inspires us. As we embrace our journey of faith with humility (fear God), our thoughts and feelings become become increasingly aligned with the Divine (my soul makes its boast in the Lord). All that we need to do is to shift our focus from the physical, emotional, and mental to the spiritual (exalt his name together). When we sincerely seek God, God always answers. We are delivered from all of our troubles (fears). As Spirit lights us from within, our external behavior and appearance reflect that light out into the world. We cannot help but have a positive impact on those around us.

And so it is! Amen!
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