Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Psalm 23 Green Pastures

Renton. Farm near Grantshouse. Sheep and cattl...Image via WikipediaGreen is a term we use to describe those who are inexperienced and childlike in understanding. But ‘green-ness’ is critical to a fresh perspective and new understanding. Although many of us desperately cling to the ‘same-ness’ and stability in our lives, living is about change and transformation. If we fight to stay the same, we find everything continues changing around us. It is in the new that we are best able to embody those childlike qualities, we desire. When we can drop the facade of expertise and knowledge, we allow ourselves to just experience what is. The excitement and anticipation in facing the unknown is palpable.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Psalm 95 Steadfast Faith

God is steadfastly loyal and loving, regardless of our behavior. But what is the human initiative in this relationship? And what does it mean in terms of our life, if we fulfill our promise and potential in God’s eyes? We have the gift of freewill. That power can be put to use in the service of Spirit or it can be squandered pursuing the things of the world.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Psalm 121 The Lord Waits On You

As we reach a deeper level of spiritual understanding, many things become clearer to us. Christ said, as you give so shall you receive. Most of us relate to this to in a very limited way. We think that if we give money or love, we will receive them in kind. But perhaps the most important application of this principle is in our relationship with God. When we serve God joyously and wholeheartedly, we will find that Spirit will serve us everyday in every way. Turning our lives over to God opens the floodgates so that God’s Presence and Power may guide us.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Psalm 32 Acknowledging Our Sins

Do your sins define who you are? Are they opportunities for you to learn and grow? Or do you hide your sins from yourself and others to maintain a facade? To sin is merely “to miss the mark” and we are all constantly doing that. How we process our missteps is just as important as the actual sin.

It is important to remember that we must acknowledge our sins before we can be healed of them. What does that mean? It does not mean that we wallow in them, feel guilty about them, give them power over us, or punish ourselves over them. It merely means that we must delve deep enough within our consciousness to know they are there. We cannot heal a trait that we do not recognize. As the psalmist says, we try to hide our iniquities from God. In reality, God is omniscient and so we have really only tried to hide our sins from ourselves.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Psalm 2 Overcoming Ego

The human ego is an interesting gift. It allows us to become incarnate and move through the world. Through the ego the personality is formed which enables us to become a unique manifestation of God. But it is also the source of much stress and strife in our lives. Our egos cause us to perceive ourselves as separate from God and each other. The ego is a powerful force that fights to maintain control of the consciousness.