Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Psalm 95 Steadfast Faith

God is steadfastly loyal and loving, regardless of our behavior. But what is the human initiative in this relationship? And what does it mean in terms of our life, if we fulfill our promise and potential in God’s eyes? We have the gift of freewill. That power can be put to use in the service of Spirit or it can be squandered pursuing the things of the world.

Rather than waiting on Spirit’s guidance (listen to His voice), we oftentimes choose to question God and test God’s steadfast love and faithfulness. Once we have reached a certain level of spiritual understanding, it becomes easy to slip back into our old ways and our faith is relentlessly tested. We forget about all of God’s blessings of the past. Inevitably when we reach the point where we start to question, we will experience the lessons of life until our faith meets the test (For forty years I loathed this generation). We do not have the peace that passes all understanding (rest) until we have the faith in God that God has for us, an unwavering, steadfast, and patient faith.
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