Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Psalm 112 True Wealth

We can be truly happy only when we fear God and love the law. What does this mean? Most of us view fear and laws as negative incentives to do something against our will. In the spiritual realm nothing could be further from the truth. Fearing God and loving the law are states of mind in which we direct our full attention Godward. And instead of being binding, it is this that sets us free.

Typically when we take all of our direction from our natural (personal) will, we finds ourselves mired in worldly consciousness. Strangely enough, when we get what we want, we do not want what we get. There are short periods of happiness but they are always very short lived, because of the transitory nature of worldly things. The only happiness for us is in understanding and embracing our spiritual nature, for that is the real, unchanging part of us. Fear of God and love of the law are creative forces that impel us toward fulfilling our divine destiny.

Those who place their lives in the hands of Spirit, will find true wealth. When we understand that the Divine is the source of all supply, there is no lack. Spiritual wealth encompasses many things including money or material possessions. It includes a healthy mind, body and soul; good relationships; joy; peace of mind; gratifying work; a means of service and spiritual fulfillment. The wonderful thing about spiritual development is that the more we surrender, the easier it is to manifest wealth. The narrow path is not a struggle to be good, it is a struggle to surrender to the good. When we are in a right relationship with God, it can never be taken from us.

When we embrace our spiritual nature, we experience and embody the steadfast love of God. But we must keep giving it away in order to increase our bounty. Our generosity is a sure fired way to create spiritual wealth. Circulation is the key to prosperity. When we are in this consciousness all error fades. We do not need to fight our adversaries for they shall melt away in the presence of the Light of God.

And so it is! Amen!
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