Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Psalm 31 Cycles of Growth

As we walk along our spiritual path, our lives and experiences move in cycles. First, there is the time of rapid advancement in which we have a lot of activity going on and our progress feels very real and measurable. These times can be experienced as a high because we are in the flow and we can feel it with every fiber of our being. We feel the Presence and Power of God in a tangible way. These are the times in which we are acutely aware of Divine activity in our lives.

The plateau and upheaval periods are characterized by the feeling that our connection to God is gone. It is not that we are driven from God’s presence (I am driven far from your sight). God is never removed from us. The problem is that we do not recognize Spirit’s presence in our life. In the Bible, it is called waiting on the Lord. We find ourselves distracted by external perceptions that take our attention away from God (worship vain idols). When we function only from sense or intellectual consciousness, we are like one who is dead, for the world cannot give life. Only Spirit gives life.

We need progressive times, reflective times and times of testing, in order to strengthen our faith and build a sound foundation for further growth. The deeper our spiritual understanding the more difficult the tests become, but the times of advancement and of rest become longer to offset those tests. These cycles are replicated throughout nature and we can rest in knowing that cycles of growth, homeostasis and destruction are in the natural order.
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