Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Psalm 139 God is Great! God is Good!

the Stainned Gless of depicting the Holy Spirit.Image via WikipediaWhen we sit back and truly contemplate all that we are, we cannot help but be mesmerized. Each beat of our heart takes so many interrelated processes working in exact harmony, we know that it is impossible that human being could create something so perfect. If we sit and observe the precision of nature, we are filled with a profound reverence for life and for God. We can take comfort in the immanence and steadfast love of God. We should take time to contemplate our lives and marvel at the wonder that is our existence.

God is all knowing. God knows every step we take, every move we make, our every thought and deed. Even before we speak, the intentions behind our utterances are known. The words bind in can mean to restrict, but they also mean to fortify. God supports us in front and in back, in all of the things that we do (lay your hand upon me). Spirit is with us through it all, whether we are conscious of it or not. When we begin to understand, we are overwhelmed by God’s greatness.

God is everywhere present, Divine guidance is available to us at every moment. Even if we cannot see that Presence (the light around me become night), our ignorance does not change God. Darkness is defined as the absence of light. It is a state in which we are maximally open to receiving light or an emptiness ready to be filled. The day that is referred to here is the mind fully illumined by Spirit. Night is as bright as the day, because God knows that ignorance is merely a state from which we have the potential to become fully receptive and open to understanding.

God created the perfect idea of the Universe and of us. We have been and always will be perfect in the sight of God. The creation of just a single human being is awe-inspiring. God knew all that we would become even before we had form. Our entire life has been in the Master Plan since the beginning of time. We are just limited in our ability to grasp it all. How vast is Divine creativity! God has literally ideated each and everything visible and invisible. God’s ideas are so many that it is impossible to count them.

If we allow, Spirit can cleanse our consciousness of the dross (search me and know my heart, test me and know my thoughts). Rather than trying through our personal will to be perfect before approaching God, we must understand that it is only through the work of Spirit that we can be cleansed of error. We need only approach the altar with a humble and open heart, so that the guidance of the Divine is accessible to us.

And so it is! Amen!
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