Friday, August 26, 2011

Psalm 26 Integrity

Global Integrity Dialogues / PNGImage by Global Integrity via FlickrWhat does the word integrity mean? Most of us think of this word in terms of either being in accordance with worldly standards or some standard we have set for ourselves. This psalm explores an alternate meaning for the word. It is not of our own strength that we claim integrity. It is when we know that God is before us and behind us every step that we can rest in our faith. To stand in integrity is to conform unwaveringly to God’s standard or God’s will through attention to the Christ presence within us.

We all face tests of faith. How else would we know the integrity of our faith? God asks us to grow and change. True faith is a life-long journey. We will meet with challenges and we must pass them with love and harmlessness. We ask God to prove and try God’s faith. Some would say that it is arrogant and inappropriate to challenge God in that way. But in fact questioning can be an indication of great faith in God’s saving grace, such that we have no fear. God is always there at our side with love to the extent that we understand (before my eyes), believe and embrace it (walk toward Him in faithfulness). All of the troubles of this world are temporal and in a sense illusion, because behind it all is the Truth of God and the unfolding of God’s Plan.

When we refuse to allow our minds to linger on any false or negative thoughts; we will not sit with them. Then we can immerse ourselves in things that are in harmony with the Christ within (wash my hands in innocence). God becomes the focal point of our lives and will fill and empower us.

The life of a Christ-centered person cannot be had without God’s help. The world can easily sweep our thoughts and emotions away from God. It is by the grace of God that we are redeemed and can stand on level ground knowing that our life has a firm foundation in God.

And so it is!  Amen!
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