Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Psalm 98 Breakthrough

Breakthrough Iron GateImage via WikipediaSpiritual growth is not a straight upward climb. At first we have times of major forward progress. Then we reach a plateau stage, where things roll along smoothly. After this phase of development, we typically have some sort of major upheaval in which our faith is tested. If we pass these tests with harmlessness, we begin the cycle again. The shift from upheaval to major advancement is called a breakthrough.
We sing a new song to the Lord, when we reach a higher level of understanding. This breakthrough, the victory of Spirit, is a shattering of the barriers in our minds and hearts to demonstrate our true spiritual nature. This is the time that we can look back on the recent challenges we faced and see how they were critical to our growth (he has done marvelous things). When we allow Spirit (his right hand, holy arm) to transform us; we are promised through God’s steadfast love and faithfulness that our highest, divine self will be revealed (vindication in the sight of the nations). This victory will be manifest throughout the mind and body (All the ends of the earth have seen the victory of our God).

As we sing praises, we are setting into action a great creative force that will undoubtedly cause major changes in our lives. Singing is an activity that has a profound vibratory quality, which sends harmonious impulses throughout the mind and body. Music is a fitting allegory, because the principles of music are very similar to the Principles of God. Certain arrangements and combinations of sounds are harmonious and others are not. We have the choice to embrace the harmonious or the cacophonous.

As the spiritual is elevated in our lives, error thoughts and tendencies resist but eventually are altered. Our subconscious (sea) and conscious minds (world) are transformed (roar). The cleansing power of Spirit (floods) does its work, resulting in the manifestation of higher ideals (hills). The time comes in the consciousness of separation of the true and false (judge the earth). Error cannot survive in the presence of Spirit. Harmony is established (righteousness) and we experience the joy of being in the flow of Spirit. This is a time of significant accomplishment in all areas of our life.

And so it is! Amen!
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