Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Psalm 56 Turn It Over to God

When we find ourselves in any circumstance that is overwhelming, we must remember that we always have the answer at hand. There is always a lesson to be learned. There is no bad or evil experience. We need only to turn it over to God and all will be made clear.
Only love can erase fear. Once we look through the facade and view the situation with wisdom, we experience the peace and rhythm of the body and soul in harmony with Spirit. When we allow ourselves to believe that there is such a thing as evil, we begin to feed all sorts of latent false ideas. They rise up in unison to overrun our mind. When this happens we must put our fears in God’s hands. We know that these thoughts have no basis in reality and no power except what we give them (I am not afraid; what can flesh do to me). As we walk our path, we find that periodically these thoughts hang about trying to create strife and turmoil. They hope to regain control of our lives. We need to ask God to cleanse them from our consciousness (in thy wrath cast down the peoples).

Spirit knows all of the personal struggles (tossings and tears) we have had. We only need to call on the Lord and we will be healed. God is there for us (this I know, that God is for me), whenever we call. Praise focuses our minds on the Divine. False judgments have no foundation and power. Once we have willingly given our lives to God (offerings of thanksgiving), we are delivered from worldly consciousness and step into the light of the life of Spirit.
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