Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Psalm 150 Joyous Celebration

Celebration of Light
Praise does not change God but it most definitely changes us!  The energy fields around us are a true reflection of our state of mind. When we are living in accord with the principles of Being; we exude grace, beauty of thought and character, and comeliness and the body is healthy and strong. It is heard in our voice and with every gesture. Cultivating the ability to express our luminous soul is the most powerful music we can play.  There is a natural rhythm, harmony and joy (music) established throughout the consciousness, when the soul radiates the power and presence of God.

The final psalm is an instruction guide on how, when, and where we should praise God. When we praise God we permeate our consciousness with thoughts of a higher nature. In order to praise God, we must enter the stillness within (sanctuary). Although it is not initiated in an outward practice, inevitably it will manifest in our demeanor. When we approach God in resolute faith (firmament), we are awestruck by the wonderful ways in which Spirit has guided our life.

There is no coincidence that the word praise is mentioned thirteen times in this brief poem. Twelve is the number of spiritual realization. Our psalmist has gone one step further and has begun to integrate with his spiritual self. As we reach the heights of consciousness, we change the character and structure of our mind and body. Even at the cellular level, we experience dramatic changes related to our spiritual understanding. This is the "silent" singing, dancing and playing of music that happens within us. We can create our ideal life through prayer and praise. Praising God with music implies abundance, health, peace of mind, harmony and wholeness.

Understanding the Truth makes our bodies and minds both musical and lyrical.  The beautiful thing of this psalm is that praising God sounds like so much fun. It is singing, dancing and playing music. These activities are pleasurable and they have an inspirational and harmonious effect on our whole being (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).  We are reminded that our spiritual journey, although not necessarily easy, should always be a willing and joy-filled process.

And so it is! Amen!
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