Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Psalm 113 Conscious Praise

Praise the Lord ...

Praise is something we do every minute of everyday; most of us do it unconsciously. It does not require that you secret yourself away somewhere or that you go to a church. This writer gives us clues as to the practice and purpose of praise. The psalmist says in verse one that servants of the Lord should praise God's name. A servant, unlike a slave, is someone who willingly serves and obeys his master. Those who would praise God must do so willingly. The way that we praise God is through God's name. God's is I AM that I AM. Whenever we utter the words I am, we are setting the Laws of Mind into motion. When we use the words I am to affirm the good in our lives, we are praising God. In light of this, it behooves us all to spend some time thinking about how often we use those words in a negative light, taking the Lord’s name in vain. 

God is Presence (Spirit) and Principle (Law) in and around everything that we can comprehend. That Presence and Principle weaves the fabric of our lives. But we must also understand that God is much more than anything that we can fathom (vv. 5 & 6). But despite God’s immanence, God is involved in every detail of our lives. Even in each breath we take. Every experience, thought and deed is God’s work and in the right frame of mind can be a step to higher consciousness. The Christ within us helps us rise above the ignorance of materiality (dust). Nothing is poor, needy or barren in God's Mind. God is waiting for us to recognize our profuse blessings. When we have true understanding we cannot help but affirm our good, praising God.