Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Psalm 72 Illumination

Illumination is the ability to, despite our circumstances, see the Truth behind the appearance and make that Truth the basis for all of our thoughts and actions. Intuitive knowledge (spiritual understanding) is the key to abiding in Christ consciousness. Wisdom and understanding are the true source of power, for they give us the ability to create our experiences.  Divine understanding, in essence, means accepting God as the only Power and Presence in our lives.

Spiritual discernment (give the king your justices, O God) must be the source of all activity initiated by our personal will. When the will is used only in conjunction with spiritual understanding; all that we think, do and say yield abundance. The spiritualized will is active when our intellect (moon) is illumined by our intuition (sun). The light of God is a flood of energy, imparting such a deep understanding of Spirit that right thinking and peace of mind abound until the intellect is no longer dominant (the moon is no more).

This only happens when we give up the personal (I, ego) for the impersonal (universal, oneness). Only an empty, selfless mind (poor, needy) is open and receptive to inspiration from the Divine. In the carnally or mortally minded person, spiritual thoughts are oppressed or suppressed. The will gathers ideas, so they can be manifest. When the will has been spiritualized it gathers together all divinely inspired thoughts into a powerful creative force. The will lifts us out of the chaos of worldly consciousness. These thoughts are means through which God does God's work in the world.

The gift of spiritual wisdom (gold) is critical to the constructive use of the will. Prayer and blessing  keep our minds centered on the God. As we do, we experience prosperity (abundance of grain) in our lives. When God in Christ at the center of our lives, we experience the realization of Divine unity (glory). We are joyfully immersed in that knowledge.

And so it is! Amen!