Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Psalm 47 Joy

Joy is more than an emotion; it is an energy that radiates from your whole being. You cannot be partially joyful; it is an all or nothing proposition. Our call is to praise God in song with unrestrained passion (loud songs of joy). For God is the ruler over our lives. The earth manifests the changes in our consciousness and therefore it is the last level on which spiritual changes take place. At this point, God has given us dominion over our thoughts (peoples and nations under our feet). Our heritage is control over our mind, the creative force in our experience of the world.

The trumpets represent the harmonious power of Spirit, which raises the vibration of our being (energy levels) from lower levels to higher levels of consciousness. Praise is the activity that builds our spiritual stamina so that we are able to receive this energy. God is at the front of our life and mind. We are in a constant state of worship. When we live our lives in harmony with Spirit, God sits on his holy throne. All of the thoughts in consciousness gather together in faith (Abraham). We become God’s body, mind and soul. This is Christ Consciousness. This is true joy.