Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Psalm 13 In God's Time

How long?

This is the eternal human cry. Waiting on God is one of the greatest challenges every believer faces. We must recognize that we are part of God’s plan not vice versa. It is our responsibility to maintain our faith in the divinely ordained outcome in every situation. Often we believe we are praying correctly for what we want in our lives but we get overly specific.

Instead of letting go and letting Spirit reveal Its gifts to us, we become attached to a particular outcome. When we engage in this state of mind, quite often we give up and say that our prayer did not work. We delay the gifts that God has in store for us with wavering faith.

It is easy to slip back into this error mindset and lose our battle with negative thoughts (enemies). Without the help of Spirit we are assured of death (a belief in separation from God). If we recall God’s loving-kindness and generosity in the past, it eases our minds and we can seek clarity (lighten my eyes). In truth, that which God has in store for us is always greater than any plans we can make on our own. We need only believe.

And so it is! Amen!