Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Psalm 17 Effective Prayer

When we approach God in prayer, we must do so with an understanding of the Truth. God is divine law and just like the laws of nature there are certain rules (principles) that must be adhered to in order to effectively communicate with God. The golden key is the phrase hears my prayer from lips free of deceit. We must approach God with a pure heart, and God will see the intention behind our supplication.

By following God’s path we avoid the winding path. God’s path is achieved through surrendering to God’s will completely. When we are in that state of mind there is nothing that cannot be achieved. In fact, manifestation is directly related to how in touch we are with the Christ within. When we are in that state of mind we can call on God and God will answer immediately.

Oftentimes, when we pray we do so with a particular outcome in mind. This is a source of great distress for most of us, because God answers prayer in God’s way and in God’s time. The all-knowing God has the perfect answer to our prayer but we “outline” our idea of our good with our limited perspective and worldly distractions. We can only overcome these thoughts and tendencies, through prayer. It is not for us to push away these thoughts or try to repress them. Rather we should surrender them, just as we turn our hearts and minds over to God. And when we awake into our full spiritual realization, we will be in right relationship with God. And all will be well.

And so it is! Amen!