Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Psalm 19 Divine Intelligence

There is an underlying intelligence in all things that is evidenced by the constant change in the world. Nothing stays the same. That is because of the Divine energy that moves us forward through the cycles of life. It is the source of all life. From every beat of our heart, to the seed that becomes a plant, this force creates life. We can choose to cooperate with that force or we can attempt to fight it, for God has given us freewill. But there are consequences of resisting.

Spiritually, we all know that we are one with God (glory). In the light of understanding (day) and darkest periods of ignorance (night), we are a creative force in our lives through our choices. The voice represents the creative power of our mind. Although we may not hear or consciously know our thoughts, they shape every detail of our lives (their voice goes out through all the earth). When our minds are turned Godward (heavens), we have access to all understanding (sun). It is up to us to make space in which we can have access to and unite with this flow of Divine intelligence (comes out like a bridegroom from his wedding canopy). When we open our hearts and minds to Spirit, we allow it to govern our lives.

The law is an important part of the creative power in the Universe. It is that which protects us from heading too far in the wrong direction. The law redeems us (revives the soul), through the many outward signs it sends to us. Without question when we are experiencing some uneasiness in our lives, it is Spirit under the guise of the law letting us know that we need to change what we are doing. Those who are single-mindedly focused on God and God’s law (simple) are endowed with spiritual wisdom, the perfect blending of love (heart) and understanding (enlightening the eyes). When we behold the presence of God in our lives with awe (fear of the Lord), we are freed from the petty concerns of worldly things (pure). We discover the Truth of our being through the lessons of the law.

We have been given instructions (warned) about how to function within the law. If we choose to follow those precepts we will reap the benefits. It is not through personal will power that we are able to adhere to the law successfully. Rather it is through the willing submission of our mind, body and soul to God, so that we can be healed. It does require steadfast desire and a disciplined mind to be made whole, but once we surrender God does the work. When our thoughts (words of my mouth) and intentions (meditation of my heart) are based in love and harmony, we experience the power and protection of God in our lives. This is the manifestation of that intelligence (the Holy Spirit); in which we live, move and have our being.

And so it is! Amen!