Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Psalm 85 Understanding and Growth

The challenge in walking the spiritual path is that the more we learn, the more disciplined our lives must become. We must become the evidence of our understanding. Spiritual growth is never a straight upward climb. There are always surges forward followed by times of retreat and backsliding. When we become deeply aware of our spiritual nature (restored the fortunes of Jacob), the edges of our lives are smoothed and we seem to coast along more easily. Inevitably, we will be asked to explore another growing edge. These opportunities are challenging and at times it can feel as though we are being punished (will you be angry with us forever).

It is important to remember that God is not wrathful in the human sense of the word. It may seem that way when our thoughts lead us into unwanted circumstances and we experience challenging circumstances along the way. This is the way we grow in our faith. We must pass these tests with love and harmlessness. But we should never view these challenges as retribution from God.  God is impartial and the Law always stands. Whether or not we demonstrate things we like in our lives depends upon whether how we choose to respond to challenges. God’s promise of peace of mind available for all those who choose to obey the Law.

Anytime that we slip into a consciousness of separateness, we suffer the wages of sin. If we boldly reaffirm our oneness with Spirit, we can get back on the right track. For those who revere God, knowledge of our unity with God (glory) will be present in our hearts and minds (in the land).

In the place where love and faith meet, righteousness and peace are had and human (faithfulness will spring up from the ground) and spiritual understanding (righteousness will look down from the sky) intersect. Through faith, we open our minds to receive the guidance of Spirit in all things. This is the only way to be in a right relationship with God. Our transformed minds will be spiritualized and we can claim our inheritance of joy, peace of mind, perfect health and abundance (our land will yield its increase). And finally the path to the Kingdom and knowing the Christ within will become clear.

And so it is! Amen!