Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Psalm 22 Dawn

All of us suffer through experiences where the appearance of things can make us question our relationship with God: whether God is still near us and whether we are worthy of God’s attention.  We know better, but at times we are overwhelmed by the enormity of our circumstance.
When we are awash in negative thoughts, it feels as if that they have gained control of us. We become overwhelmed because negativity literally dominates our energy (the bulls of Bashan) and can easily run rampant over us until it consumes us. Our vital energy becomes spent (I am poured out like water), our heart is melted, and our mouth is dry. We are as good as dead, for we have lost touch with the current of Life and Spirit. It is always darkest before the dawn.

When we are the midst of a struggle it can be difficult to recall previous circumstances in which God has protected us. And yet this is the time in which those remembrances can be most helpful. Faith is our best friend when we are in dire straights. It allows us to turn to God and surrender. This represents the ultimate in humility, relegating our ego to the status of worms. In order for us to receive the deliverance of God we must willingly surrender our personhood to God. Suddenly out of the depths of anguish, all is clear, we eventually see a breakthrough of light.

And so it is! Amen!