Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Psalm 1 Happiness

So often we find ourselves very unhappy although we are following the culturally prescribed path to happiness. The media tells us if we buy more things, we will be happy. Our friends and family tell us that if we become powerful lawyers, doctors or CEOs we will be happy. These worldly things may bring a semblance of happiness, but it is always transient. Any time that we look outside of ourselves for happiness, we will inevitably be disappointed.

Despite appearances, our thoughts are the source of our unhappiness. When we do not immerse ourselves in false beliefs (wicked), we are happy. Thoughts based from a worldly perception, give us feedback that is erroneous (sin).  When we are distracted by the external, we miss the mark. When we stay single-mindedly rooted in the God’s eye view, we experience joy. Choosing the presence of God is not a part-time activity. We must choose the Divine both day and night. Christ within us reveals that path to us. When we follow that guidance, we participate in the joy of God.

The happy are like trees, planted by streams of water. In this context water represents life or vital energy. Note that the trees do not need to search for their source; they are set in a place that has everything they need to grow. We do not need to search for happiness outside of ourselves. We are planted in the presence of our Source. When we are still, bask in the presence of God, and just allow Spirit to do its work; we fulfill our spiritual, mental and physical potential (yield their fruit in its season). In all things we will be prosperous. We need only to tap into that source of life, through regular spiritual practice.

Eventually, as long as we do not hold on to them tightly, our faulty beliefs and thoughts will blow away like chaff in the wind. Error thinking (wicked, sinners) cannot produce the power of discernment (judgment) nor can it bring us into a right relationship with God (righteousness). The only path is to happiness is in God's way, the way of wisdom.

And so it is! Amen!