Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Psalm 132 True Love

We, as human beings, live our lives constantly in search of love.  The love faculty in us searches and searches until it finds a dwelling place (in the consciousness) for the Lord.  Most of us find ourselves looking in externally rather than looking within ourselves for the answers.  Indeed, this is perhaps the greatest source of unhappiness for humankind.  When we look to other human beings, alcohol, or food for love; we find ourselves in destructive relationships.  Until we get quiet and look within ourselves for that spark of the Christ presence, we will never find that love that satisfies our craving.  
God’s takes up permanent residence in our heart, mind and soul in the Christ center (ark) in our consciousness.  Our innate gifts are spiritualized through love and the result is right use of God given talents (righteousness).  As we attain a deeper understanding of the divine, the process of refining and purifying that love intensifies.  
God has chosen love’s abode as the divine resting place.  Our ideas of a selfless nature (poor) will receive the substance of life (bread) and grow and prosper.  The guidance of the intellect (priests) must be based in conscious and right use of God given attributes (salvation).  Through the inspiration of Spirit (anointed), our path is lit (lamp).  God’s love is the only love that will make us whole.  Once we begin to understand the abundance of God’s love for it and us becomes part of our being; we are at peace, and know we are love and are loved.
And so it is! Amen!