Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Psalm 36 Unbounded Love

So often we define God’s love by our limited human ideas of what it means to be loved. But love in the divine sense is at the same time similar to and very different from human love. Sometimes I think of it this way: take the highest and healthiest aspects of human love and expand. God’s love is the impulse to oneness or unity. It is the knowledge that we are all of one Source and the feelings, thoughts and actions that come from that understanding.

We must remember that there is nowhere that God is not and the Truth is always available to us. God’s love is waiting for us to embrace it. And it is accessible to anyone and everyone who chooses to accept it. In the selected verses we have a beautiful description of God’s steadfast love. Although the concept is truly beyond our comprehension (at least in words), the psalmist has attempted to give some idea of the breadth of this gift. All of the words used to describe God’s chesed are the largest and widest things that our minds can imagine. It is as high as the heavens, as mighty as the mountains, as great as the deep. The whole of humanity can be sheltered under God’s wings, and God’s abundance can care for us all. God’s love is the fountain of life and light.

Those who approach God with the right intentions (upright heart) will have their spiritual heritage restored (salvation). This is a place where evil thoughts have no authority and no place. Once the Truth of God is in our consciousness, there can be no thoughts of separation, stress and strife (evildoers lie prostrate). We can come home to the peace, harmony and well being that is ours as children of God.

And so it is! Amen!