Saturday, July 10, 2010

Psalm 82 Our Gifts for God

Have you noticed that some of your greatest gifts can take you down the path that leads to your worst downfall? We all have gifts that are obvious to ourselves and to the world. But we must never forget how and why these gifts came to be in our possession. God has given us faculties which are designed to be placed in service of the Divine. Just as our weaknesses can become a source of strength, our gifts can become an impediment to our spiritual growth. It is all in the intention behind the use of the gift.

The only way to ensure the right use of our gifts is to be led by Divine guidance. When we willingly turn our lives over to Spirit, our gifts and weaknesses have authority because they are driven by the light and love of God. Divine wisdom and power must guide the human faculties (the divine council) through the submission of our will to God’s. When we become needy (wait on the Lord for guidance) rather than aggressively seeking our own way, we open the door for Spirit to move.

Discernment (knowledge and understanding) is the key to the right use of gifts. But it requires the worldly consciousness (earth) be uprooted. Our gifts are powerful but they must be spiritually oriented. They must die to their old ways. We can do this through regular communion with God in prayer, meditation and reflection. Once our faculties have been spiritualized, our ideas and thoughts (nations) will be under the influence of Spirit. Our gifts will be placed in service of God.

And so it is! Amen!
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