Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Psalm 111 Praise As Practice

Practice 025
Many believe that in order to praise God we must go to church or secret ourselves away in meditation. While these are fine ways to spend time, we must understand that with every breath we take we make a choice whether or not to praise God. If we live in worldly consciousness, we praise that giving our thoughts to the external. When we decide to view all things in our lives spiritually and act accordingly, we praise God. Christianity is a practical daily application of Universal Truth, not theory.

God’s works are demonstrated in and through our lives. God is steadfast, reliable and just. God as Principle and Presence is unchanging and eternal. As we attend to the spiritual realm, we become more awe-filled. That fear is what gives us access to the wisdom and understanding of Spirit. That awe is a state of our heart; it is not an intellectual endeavor. When we understand, truly understand, we live the truth in our lives. Not by trying to be righteous but by knowing and living our spiritual truth, and in that we give praise to God.

And so it is! Amen
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