Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Psalm 62 There Is Only God

God rays
The spiritually awake person knows that through all of the experiences in life and no matter how real the physical world may seem, there is only God. When we understand this, we view the world through a different light. Many of the situations in the world believed to be evil or wrong take on a new context if we know that God is present in every situation. We can bless each and every person and situation, as a lesson to bring us closer to our true spiritual nature.

 Through God alone we can attain our spiritual inheritance (salvation). Meditation and prayer (silence) are the means through which we commune with God and receive guidance. When negative thoughts batter our weakened mind (leaning wall, tottering fence), we must turn to God for answers. These thoughts suppress our spiritual thoughts by filling our minds. They reveal things that seem appealing (bless with their mouths) but are essentially destructive (inwardly they curse).

Any decisions based on the senses (low estate) are transitory and empty, and those based on intellect (high estate) are even less than that. It is important to put no confidence in ideas that are based in the external (extortion, robbery) regardless of the appearance of success. We must wait for the guidance of Spirit, our only hope and strength. In Spirit all decisions are right and good. God speaks once, but we must hear with our mind and with our heart (twice I have heard this) in order to discern the truth. God is behind, within and around all things. There is only God.

And so it is! Amen!
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