Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Psalm 79 Blasphemy

By Janschoonhovenjr (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
We blaspheme against the Lord when we do not acknowledge and embrace our oneness with God and each other. As we hold on to duality, we cannot be healed. We experience physical, mental and emotional sickness in their multitude of forms. When we allow ourselves to engage in irreverent thoughts we experience pain. Fortunately the laws of Being exist to help us find and unearth those mistaken thoughts and correct them. Every day is a new day when we decide to give up our old beliefs for new ones.

Error thoughts (nations) destroy divine ideas (inheritance), defile the body (holy temple) and damage peace of mind (laid Jerusalem in ruins). All of our spiritual thoughts (your servants) are devoured when we allow carnal appetites (birds and wild animals of the earth) to govern our decisions. Error thoughts drain our spiritual energy (poured out their blood like water) and weaken our faith (we have become a taunt to our neighbors).

During these times of trial, we wonder how long we must suffer (Will you be angry forever?). When we choose to reject the Law, we experience the turmoil (jealous wrath) of the process of purification (fire). Once we are humble and surrender to God’s will (we have been brought very low), we are no longer in bondage to the sins of the past (iniquities of our ancestors). Anytime we reconnect to the “all-ness” of God (glory of your name), we have our spiritual inheritance restored (salvation). Spirit helps us to give up the false for the Truth (forgive our sins). These error thoughts cannot exist when we are flooded with the light of Spirit.

Our objective is not to destroy the error thinking but to loosen our vice grip on our thoughts and beliefs so that we can be transformed. Seven represents the completed work of spiritual transformation (returning sevenfold). When we open ourselves to the energy of the Spirit, we are consciousness of a deeper understanding of the power and presence of God (praise).

And so it is! Amen!