Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Psalm 119:97-104 Discipline

It is not through intellectual understanding that we follow God. It is through surrendering to the Divine that we attain wisdom and understanding. Knowing God is not an overnight process but a lifelong one. Age does not necessarily bring wisdom, for one who is obstinate may have lived many years, but has not learned the true lessons of life. We can only hope that each day, in fact every minute and second, that our mind is open and receptive enough to learn all of the new lessons before us. When we follow the law it is a sweet thing because we can rest in the comfort of God’s protection and in the Truth.  8KQGVYRRHRJQ

Divine guidance (the word) is what makes this worldly experience (feet) right. Spirit’s guidance provides us with the knowledge that we need to make the next step but not necessarily more. It is an act of faith to step out into the world under the direction of Spirit, but it is a critical step in spiritual growth. We must decide to step out in that faith and that is what is meant by I hold my life in my hand continually. God cannot and will not override our will. There will be many thoughts that will try to convince us that lack, poverty and failure are real (the wicked have laid a snare for me), but if we can remain steadfast in our beliefs we will attain our heritage. We have been given a direct path; it is the Word (the power and presence of Christ within us).

Every time that we speak of good and evil or anything based in duality, we are delaying our own good. In all things the mind must be able to see the good and give thanks for that good. In every situation there is a purpose. There is only good and right in the world, regardless of appearance. We must discipline our minds to focus on the Truth of each situation. One way to do this is to ask Spirit for the strength to see the good in all things daily. We know that as we think so shall we receive and that is why our flesh trembles in fear of God. It is not that God is wrath-filled; it is that we question our own strength of mind and character—our own faithfulness to God. We can take refuge in the discipline of the Laws of Mind, for as we adhere to these principles we are able to walk the straight and narrow path.

And so it is! Amen!