Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Psalm 65 Jehovah-Jireh, Provider of All Things

In those grace filled moments in which we see the world from the God’s eye view; we see pure, perfect potential in every circumstance. We know that there is no limitation in the world. There is no situation that does not have its ‘silver lining’ in a spiritual context. Every moment is an opportunity to be loved and loving. As children of God all that is God’s is ours. However, we can only receive that which we understand. And so we must come to the realization that we are and have all that we need and want. We have the steadfast love of God.

In order to experience this abundance, we must embrace God as the center of our lives (praise is due to you). Prayer is not begging but a faith-filled affirmation of the Truth of God as omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. Prayer must be done with the mindset of oneness: we must know that we are one with that Universal Mind. Our mortal appetites (flesh) must be surrendered to God, because they can only be satiated with spiritual substance. When we become overwhelmed by our actions and thoughts based in separateness from God (deeds of iniquity); Spirit helps us to give up rebellious, false thoughts for those that are based in Truth (you forgive our transgressions). In God’s eyes we are all God’s children, we must decide to stop being defiant. Those whom you choose are really those of us who choose the straight and narrow path. When we do we experience great joy and peace of mind and all of our needs are provided.

If we take time to pay attention, the grace of God is demonstrated daily in all of the little things. God has established spiritual awareness within us all: it is a light within waiting to be uncovered. This light can calm the chaos of our lower thoughts and feelings (seas, peoples). When we open our hearts and minds to God we are fed spiritually (you visit the earth and water it). The force that Spirit brings gives life (water) and substance (grain) that sustain the whole person. Love of God flowing throughout the consciousness (showers, rain) prepares the ground and fertilizes the soil of the mind for spiritual growth. The abundance of God is expressed in all things. Once the intelligence of Spirit has flooded our consciousness, we have creative potency in our lives. Note that the psalm says the meadows clothe themselves with flocks; the valleys deck themselves with grain. The manifestation of divine ideas requires our willing participation but God provides us with all of the tools and support that we need.

Humankind is a strange in that we are the only creatures on the earth that question or doubt God’s Power and Presence. If we had the understanding of the rest of creation, we would be free of all fear, doubt and suffering. All that we need is our’s now. (Matt 6:30–33)

And so it is! Amen!