Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Psalm 119:1-8 Centering

It is effortless to adhere to the laws of gravity, we do not have to think about it and plan, because it is a law of nature and the way things should be. Only if we try to bend the laws of nature do we find ourselves struggling. When we are single-mindedly focused on God, it is effortless to keep the statutes, because that is the natural way of things. God has a plan for our lives and if we fix our minds on divine will rather than our own, we will find that the struggles of life will fade away. How do we do this? Through daily meditation,
spiritual practice and heeding the call of the still small voice inside of us (our intuition).

We must always remember that words and thoughts are the creative medium through which God (the Law) operates. The Word is not independent of God; it is “God doing the will of God.” We are co-creators with God in our lives, when we follow divine guidance. This is why we must meditate on positive, spiritual things and keep these thoughts foremost in our consciousness. But perhaps more important than the words uttered, is the intent behind those words. We must seek God with our heart; at the end of the day spiritual things are not of the head but of the heart. We can say lots of “nice” things with evil in our hearts and that will result in evil demonstrations. The word is made good through our intentions.

God’s steadfast love is such that we do not have to ask for forgiveness, we merely need to understand the laws of mind and follow them. It requires repentance (a change of mind). If we live a worldly life (live in the land ), we will feel as an foreigner alien). How can we be at home when we have not found our spiritual selves? Those who try to avoid their spiritual destiny find that their soul is constantly longing and nothing of this world will satiate it. Only things of Spirit can satisfy that yearning, because in Spirit we are “at home.” As we immerse ourselves in Spirit we find that our negative thoughts and feelings (insolent, accursed ones) become less and less pervasive and we begin to live a life that truly fulfills us.

And so it is! Amen!