Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Psalm 107 Giving Up the Fight

Have you noticed that it is hard work to rebel against God? In a sense, it is similar to fighting against the laws of nature. If we try to act contrary to the law of gravity, eventually we are bound to get hurt. Likewise, when we resist the Laws of Mind and Being, much unnecessary pain and suffering result. It takes a lot of mental energy to actively resist the presence of Spirit in our lives. And yet so many of us are deeply committed to this practice.

Deserts, prisons, hunger and storms all represent challenging experiences that come from the unfounded belief in our separation from the Divine. In truth there is no such thing, but until one has spiritual understanding, this falsehood can dominate in the mind. Amazingly, the belief of separation, in and of itself creates, an enormous vacuum in our hearts and minds. All our experiences become tainted with this misinformation.

Habits and attitudes that cloud our connection to Divine guidance (iniquity) cause illness in the spirit, mind and body. Here, sickness is defined as loathing any kind of nourishment (food), in particular spiritual nourishment. Consequently we hang near death (mental negation and inertia). The word (divine dynamic) heals us and delivers us from destruction.

We can use our personal powers in futile attempts to eliminate this emptiness, but we will never be satiated. We will hunger and thirst for more until we ask for deliverance and are guided in Spirit to the Truth (inhabited places). The path to understanding is ridden with waves from the heavens to the depths. But if we stay centered on God and disciplined with our daily practice, God will deliver us from the storm. Each and all of these lessons are another opportunity to strengthen our faith. From a faithful mindset, all experiences bring the right and perfect good into our lives.

It is our choice to live in oasis or desert. Our thoughts and consequent actions determine our fate. If we allow our mind to stay focused on worldly things and question the significance of God in the world (wickedness), then our experience will be one of chaos and turmoil. It is impossible to be receptive to the good that God has for us, if our minds are absorbed with appearances. With spiritual discernment, the Truth behind the fa├žade is revealed.

Those who are caught up in their own egos (princes) will suffer but the those who submit their will to Spirit (needy) will be uplifted. Error thinking creates the problems, but God dissolves them for those who are receptive and obedient. God cannot and will not override our will, so in the end it is our choice. If we change our mind and cry to the Lord and sincerely ask for deliverance, regardless of how reticent we have been, we are freed from the bondage of ignorance by the steadfast love of the Christ within. The wise person understands this and gives up the fight. For in truth, the yoke is easy and the burden is light (Matt 11:30).

And so it is! Amen!