Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Psalm 118 Resurrection

We celebrate the resurrection of the Christ this week. This triumphant story has a profound connection to our own walk with God.  Death is an important part of our spiritual life.  In order to know God, we must die to what we think we know so that we are available to God's revelation. The creative power of God (right hand) raises us up and out of the confusion of the world. If we open our hearts and minds, Spirit can show us the straight and narrow path (open to me the gates of righteousness), the way to our inner Christ. Only when we surrender our lives to God can we enter into our spiritual domain.

Over time we begin to realize that there is no quick way to spiritual understanding. It requires discipline and work. Our formal, intellectual consciousness (builders) rejects the Christ presence within us, because our intuitive, spiritual impulses do not fit with worldly standards. On the surface, the path seems to be less than promised. If we persevere through these doubts and allow Spirit to do its work (this is the Lord’s doing), we will experience greater good than we can even imagine in our lives. With the Christ presence within the cornerstone of our consciousness, all power and glory is ours (success).

When we approach the altar within, we must come with the intention of giving up the old and erroneous thoughts for new, Christ-infused ideas.  Through the spiritual disciplines of prayer and praise the new thoughts are strengthened and multiplied. There is turmoil in our lives during this struggle but in the end Spirit is always victorious. In Christ, we are reborn into a new understanding of and relationship with God. It is important to give thanks for each step along the spiritual journey, because thanksgiving makes our experiences more fruitful. As we make this shift, we repossess our spiritual inheritance of abundance, health and happiness (salvation).

And so it is! Amen!