Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Psalm 45 The Spiritual Marriage

In the Scriptures we see many different types of relationships between man and woman, beginning of course with the story of Adam and Eve. When reading the texts in the context of the deeper spiritual meaning, one sees that both the masculine and feminine represent various faculties within the individual consciousness. Masculinity symbolizes the intellect, mind and wisdom. Femininity on the other hand symbolizes for the intuition, emotions, feelings, love and the soul. These are not intended as pejorative labels and these ideas do not necessarily represent social roles for individuals. Within each man and woman all of these faculties exist and are to be developed appropriately.

Allegorically the concept of marriage refers to that point in spiritual development in which the intellect (husband) and the intuition (wife) are joined together in service of the Spiritual (God as Christ). Many of us believe that intellect and intuition are opposites and never can meet. Intellect without intuition will undoubtedly lead to cold, heartless decisions just as intuition without intellect creates an inability to act upon its wisdom. Both of these faculties are critical to spiritual development and that the key to growth is striking a perfect balance between the two. This is the key to spiritual nuptials.

In spiritual union we reach our highest potential, we become the full bride of Christ (step fully into the mindset of the Christ). The key is the personal will that has been regenerated through God’s loving-kindness. It is described as handsome and majestic. This is a will that has, through the work of Spirit, conquered all ties to the personality and defends the Truth of God. We see that the intellect has been placed in the service of God (your throne O God endures for ever and ever), through the pouring out of Spirit (anointing) on it. And external thoughts (wedding garments) are sweet smelling or pure. This mind has been purified and all that remains in consciousness is that which comes from Spirit.

The emotions and feelings must also be reborn in Spirit and sensual pleasures (forget your people and father’s house) must be left behind. The intuition must be harnessed with wisdom (he is your lord), because the realm of the senses (Tyre) can easily sway the feelings. The intuition (bride) is brought before the individual will (king) in pure garments. Behind her the five senses (virgins) follow. Typically our emotions are led by the senses but here we see that the feeling nature has gained dominion over the senses, and thereby they can all be placed in the service of Spirit.

When we reach this state of high spiritual consciousness, all of our thoughts become a powerful creative medium in Truth. This is the state of mind in which manifestations become immediate and so-called miracles are possible (princes in all the earth).
When wisdom and love, man and woman, are joined in the consciousness that God inspires all their thoughts and acts, the gross sensations of the flesh will be lifted up, that is, glorified. I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto myself. This is the holy marriage.
And so it is! Amen!