Friday, November 12, 2010

Psalm 145 God’s True Nature

When we begin to understand the nature of God, we cannot help but be awestruck and humbled. Thanksgiving and love are the only appropriate response. As we step out in faith, we do so based on the character of God (bless your name forever and ever), not our own worthiness. We can declare that God is foremost in our life (I will extol you, my God and my King) when we begin to understand the nature of our relationship with God. The reason that we are saved is because of God’s steadfast love. But the breadth and depth of God is infinite; and just when we think we know all there is to know about God’s wonders, we are surprised with something greater.

As we become aware of God, our desire to know becomes more powerful. Faith is not a stagnant thing, it deepens over time (one generation shall laud your works to another). Our experience of God’s presence in our life exapnds through contemplation and prayer (I will meditate). If we look for the good (God) in our life, we experience joy in knowing that all things are working as they should. When we ask, God helps us overcome the error in our consciousness. Divine law does mete out justice, but we get to learn our lessons in as long as it takes. Typically the lessons start as a nudge but if we are slow to take notice they will become more difficult (slow to anger). God wants us to become all that we have the potential to be (compassion).

The flow of Spirit lifts those who are humble (the Lord upholds all who are falling, and raises up all who are bowed down). When we believe that we are self-sufficient, we leave no room in our mind and heart for God. But when we look to God for our sustenance, we are provided with all that we need at the right and perfect time (you give them their food in due season). God provides everything (you open your hand, satisfying the desire of every living thing), when we are receptive. When we ask for help (call on him) understanding our relationship as a child of God (in truth); we see that all circumstances, no matter what the appearance is, are just and kind.

God is love. The love of God is similar to the love between a parent and child. Love does not mean that you get everything that you want, but you get everything that you need. As children we do not see the big picture and understand all of the ramifications of each choice, so we must trust our Parents to know what is best for us. God’s guidance is the best information we have. When we accept Divine assistance, we are protected (The Lord watches over all who love him).

The character of God is what makes us what we are. Because of God we have freedom of choice, everlasting life and pure bliss right at our fingertips. We need only come willingly into God’s Presence with an open heart and mind. We have all that we have and will ever need.

And so it is! Amen!
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