Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Psalm 46 Permanent Sanctuary

The SanctuaryImage via WikipediaGod is a creative force. Underlying these words is a great truth. There is nothing in the world that is consistent but change. If we attempt to maintain the status quo or prevent things from changing, we ensure our own unhappiness. It is out of harmony with nature and God to attempt to hold on to anything. That includes love, money, and joy. By allowing all things to course through our lives rather than stagnate, we clear room for more good. When we understand that life is change, we can begin to relax and go with the flow.

The Bible tells us that Spirit is eternal, changeless and dependable. God is the only source of permanence in our lives. With spiritual awakening comes the understanding that regardless of appearances, there is a stable Presence in our lives working towards our highest and best good.

God is our safe haven and strength, a reliable presence in times of need. There is no need for fear regarding physical changes (earth trembling) or changes in consciousness (mountain and waters). All of the described changes are merely external representations of our inner life. But we know that we have control over our internal existence, at any time we can choose how we experience our manifest world.

There is a current of life (river) that raises us out of the worldly perspective (makes glad the city of God). When we tap into that river, we have the stability and strength of Truth in our hearts and minds. In that state of mind, old thoughts (nations) and centers of personal will (kingdoms) are transformed. In the presence of Spirit, the body (earth) undergoes dramatic change. There is no weak point through which error can enter our thoughts.

In that raised state, we are able to observe the works of Spirit mentally and physically (earth). All of our conflicting thoughts and feelings end and our impulses dissolve (he makes wars to cease). In order to tap into that Power and Presence, we must meditate and pray (be still). God is within us and in our midst at the center of our being. In God, there is constancy.

And so it is! Amen!
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